What is slant bed CNC lathe?

6 de March de 20220

he slant bed CNC lathe is a type of lathe that belongs to the family of computer numerical control (CNC) lathes. This type of lathe machines parts using computer software, which uses alphanumeric characters and runs along the XYZ axes, to shape a part. This type of machine tool is very precise and serves to reduce production times and reduce labor.

cnc lathe 

CNC lathes are all those machines that work using software, which uses alphanumeric characters to carry out the machining of a part. CNC lathes help reduce machining time and labor, which can lower production costs. In addition, the lathes that work with this technology offer quality results, much more precise that are ready in a short time.

This type of machine tools is characterized by its versatility, since with them it is possible to carry out multiple machining tasks such as drilling, as well as turning; It is also ideal for practicing some horizontal or vertical cuts, which, made with manual tools, required many hours.

Computerized numerical control lathes allow the manufacture of parts by revolution, that is, they shape the part by making it rotate at a certain speed, held on an axis, while the tool acts on the surface of the part and following the indications that the operator of the machine has given him before through the computer.

This machine has three axes : the first one makes a longitudinal movement and attends to the turning tasks; the second performs a transversal movement for facing tasks; For its part, the third axis makes a displacement at the height of the tools and comes into contact with the piece from its lower or upper part. 

Types of Computer Numerical Control Lathe

There are three types of CNC lathes on the market:

  • Flatbed, ideal for machining complex parts or for small batch production. The carriage advance of this machine is slower.
  • Vertical, which is used to manufacture large parts that cannot be worked on a horizontal lathe. The vertical lathe has a vertical axis and a turntable that moves on the horizontal plane.
  • Slant Bed CNC Lathe: Highly recommended for mass production.

Slant bed lathe: features and functions

One of the reasons this type of lathe is chosen for the mass production of parts is not only because it can produce large quantities, but also because it has parts that work automatically and this frees up space and allows for more production. higher number of pieces. 

And why is it one of the most used CNC lathes today? This is because, as its name implies, the slant bed CNC lathe includes a one-piece bed that provides greater rigidity; In addition, it provides high precision and durability when performing tasks such as milling, turning and drilling. The control of the functions of the machine can be done through a computer. 

The slant bed CNC lathe uses the design and development principle of CNC machining; for this, it is essential to operate CAD and CAM programs on computers. The first program allows the design of the part to be made, while the second program will pass that design to the computer language used by the lathe. In other words, the operator will carry out all the programming so that all he has to do is place the part on the clamping plate and accommodate it again, if necessary. This machine offers rigidity, precision and a great capacity to remove chips.

Advantages of Slant Bed CNC Lathe

This lathe offers high precision during machining. The machine is driven by a ball screw which does very precise work. The rod of this screw is in the X machine direction so it does not affect axial gravity. This is the main feature of this lathe, but it is certainly also its biggest advantage.

On the other hand, the machine is rigid. This is because the cross-sectional area is larger than that of a flat bed lathe . That is, in a slant bed lathe, the ability to resist bending and torsion is much stronger. The angle of inclination of the bed of this machine causes the angle of the piece to be reduced, as well as the cutting force and gravity; this results in a much more stable running spindle. Vibrations on this machine are greatly reduced when compared to other types of CNC lathes. 

Lastly, thanks to the gravity of the inclined bed, it is much easier to carry out chip removal. In addition, thanks to its design, the accumulation of chips in the screw is considerably reduced.

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