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Machining Centers for medical industry

Within the world of machining for medical industry , we look for the manufacture and production of unitary and personalized piece to each patient. Prosthetics require high precision, with top-quality quality controls to ensure that patients do not produce rejections in their operations.
The multifunction machines of the Ferrotall Group are very high precision with such leading marks as Tongtai or Hurco. We are able to offer a complete solution to the process, from the equipment and tools to the completion of the project of the piece.

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  • Highest precision
  • High quality results

  • Custom Production

  • Machinig of exotic materials

Services and interests

At Ferrotall we work to present the best turnkey solution that better suits with your workshop. Don’t hesitate to ask us for information, a team of professionals will work to respond to your request.

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Tongtai GT 630

Tongtai GT 630

The main components of Tongtai GT machining centers are high quality cast iron, which gives the machine a high degree of stability. The Y-axis is driven by a single ball bearing to ensure the parallelism of sliding movement. The center of gravity of moving components of the Y axis lies within the range of the mobile carriage, which reduces spindle drop and improves dynamic stability. All these features make the GT-630 an incredible five-axis machine for machining its most difficult parts.

Hurco VMX10i

Hurco VMX10i

Intelligent design and sophisticated technology. With the high speeds and accelerations of today’s applications, machine performance must be optimized carefully in order to maintain accuracy for long periods of time. The Hurco VMX 3-axis machining centers are reliable machines you can rely on.

Pinnacle LV 500

Pinnacle LV 500

When jobs require highly efficient machining and exceptional precision, the Pinnacle LV500 vertical machining center of the linear series is the ideal solution. Not only is it ideal for small factories and machining workshops. Covers applications ranging from timepieces to fast manufacturing parts. It is also ideal for the manufacture of prosthesis for joints, dental and bone used in the bio-medical industry.

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