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Machining of large parts and alloys

Machining for large parts and alloys , both in the railway and wind sectors is a very important part of the country as many projects compete for projects as important as high speed rail or Wind plants. In these sectors, the manufacture of large parts, in combination with heavy materials and light materials require a large capacity machining in the chip start.

Our machinery experts will advise you on the best choice of your work tool, developing for you a turnkey project to the height of your needs.

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  • Alloys and heavy materials

  • Railway machining
  • Wind power machining

  • Structural elements

Services and interests

At Ferrotall we work to present the turnkey solution that best suits your workshop. Don’t hesitate to ask us for information, a team of professionals will work to respond to your request.


Hurco HMX500i

Hurco HMX500i

Hurco HMX series of horizontal machining centers are challenging the use of conventional machinery for small work shops. The horizontal machining centers of Hurco achieve a performance equal to machines that cost more than double.

Pinnacle DV 2122

Pinnacle LV 85 + APC

Pinnacle’s series of dual column DV machining centers offer a robust structure in which all the main parts of the structure have been manufactured in high quality cast iron and treated to eliminate stresses, ensuring maximum stability and avoiding any possible deformation. Its two linear guides arranged in a perpendicular direction on the transverse rail, favor an optimal rigidity to withstand cutting forces from the X / Z directions.

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