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Ferrotall has been supporting and advising machineries and manufacturers since 1980 as the best industrial supply within their area. Being born together with the producers and growing hand in hand with the best professionals, being distributors of the most prestigious houses worldwide, has provided us with the highest level of experience within the machine tool industry, both conventional and CNC.

The senior management of Ferrotall Machine-Tools, SL has maintained an evolutionary line characterized by constant growth, a strong commitment to innovation and a clear vocation towards efficient, stable and committed customer service, defining as a general policy, achieving full customer satisfaction, considering this a key factor for the establishment of future strategies.

For this, defined requirements are established and reflected in writing in a Quality Manual, which determines and ensures that:

  1. The Quality System is communicated, understood, implemented and maintained by the company’s staff.
  2. Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements that apply to you.
  3. The appropriate measures are taken to prevent non-conformities, and the appropriate measures are taken to avoid their repetition, and thus obtain, in this way, continuity of Quality and an improvement in the results.
  4. That our employees have the necessary training for the proper development of the work entrusted to them.
  5. A system is established to follow so that sufficient controls are carried out in order to ensure Quality in all phases.
  6. Optimal service is ensured so that the expectations and needs of the client and interested parties are satisfied.
  7. It is appropriate to the context defined by our company and it supports the strategic direction.
  8. Quality objectives are established aimed at meeting the requirements of the Quality System and, especially, customer satisfaction.
  9. Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the System is guaranteed.
Information to suppliers

Dear Misters:

We are pleased to inform you that our Management System is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 standards, so from Grupo Ferrotall we communicate our company’s commitment to quality management, hereby communicating that our Policy is at your disposal in our web, so that it takes it into account in the provision of its services.

In addition, we indicate that the method followed by Grupo Ferrotall for the control and monitoring of the performance of its work as a supplier is based on ISO 9001: 2015 criteria and on the Valuation based on the commercial relationship maintained during previous years analyzing claims and non-conformities derived from its provision of services.

Likewise, we are pleased to inform you that, after the evaluation carried out if you have not received an email justifying the contrary, your rating in our system is PASSED, so we will maintain the commercial relationship with you during the next year.

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