Large Pieces

Grupo Ferrotall offers complete solutions for the machining of large parts, both custom-made and stock machines. We create projects for railways, wind power and shipbuilding.

Machining of Large Parts and Alloys

Machining for large parts and alloys, both in the railway and wind sectors is a very important part of the country as many projects compete for projects as important as high speed rail or Wind plants. In these sectors, the manufacture of large parts, in combination with heavy materials and light materials require a large capacity machining in the chip start.

Our machinery experts will advise you on the best choice of your work tool, developing for you a turnkey project to the height of your needs.

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Machining of large parts and alloys

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At Ferrotall Group we work to present the turnkey solution that best suits your workshop. Don’t hesitate to ask us for information, a team of professionals will work to respond to your request.



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Machinery for Large Parts

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Machinery for Large Parts

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