Vanguard Aeronautics

Ferrotall is proud to work hand in hand with the country’s leading aviation Tier. That’s why our team of experts in the aeronautical world works to bring you the best solution in this demanding industry.

Specialists in aeronautical machining

At Ferrotall Group we have the best specialists in aeronautical machining since the industry is demanding and needs the best products on the market.

We have companies like Starrag and Tongtai with specialized lines of the aerospace industry. Our machines mechanize blades, landing gear and other structural components where detail predominates and finishes more than large-scale production. Therefore, our machines are able to overcome the most exhaustive quality controls specific to this industry.

Others sectors:

  • Specialized piece
  • High production and finishing
  • Custom Machinery
  • Machining of light metals and composites

Services and interests

At Ferrotall Group we work to present the turnkey solution that best suits your workshop. Don’t hesitate to ask us for information, a team of professionals will work to respond to your request.

Ask for information
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