Universal milling center Grob G350A

Ref.: GROB G350A

Working travels X/Y/Z 600/ 770/ 805
X/Y/Z Max. speeds 60/ 42/ 60
Interference diameter 720
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The benefits at a glance:

 -    Short payback period.
 -    High productivity.
 -    Modularly expandable.
 -    Round-the-clock service.
 -    Flexible applications.
 -    Best machining quality.

Unique machine concept:

·    Horizontal spindle position:
The horizontal spindle position permits the longest possible Z-travel path and optimum chip fall.

·    Maximum stability:
The unique arrangement of the three linear axes minimizes the distance between the guides and the machining point (TCP), lending the machine considerable stability.

·    Tunnel concept:
The tunnel concept allows the largest possible part to be swiveled and machined within the work area without collision ? even in the case of machining with extremely long tools.

·    Large swivel range:
Three linear and two rotary axes permit 5-sided machining, as well as 5-axis simultaneous interpolation, with a swivel range of 230 degrees in the A'-axis and 360 degrees in the B'-axis.

Technical specs

Brand GROB
Working travels X/Y/Zmm600/ 770/ 805
X/Y/Z Max. speedsm/min60/ 42/ 60
Interference diametermm720
Chip-to-chip change timeseg4.5
X/Y/Z Positioning accuracymm0.006
Table diametermm570
Table load (with/ without pallet)Kg338/ 400
Total weight (with/ without pallet changer)mm14.000/ 15.500
Max. tool length for single disk-type tool magazine (HSK-A63)mm365
Tool length with compact double disk-type tool (HSK-A63) (outside/ inside)mm365/ 200

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