Mutitasking lathe Quick Tech MiniMax 20i [25i] Twin


Technical specs

ModelQuick Tech MiniMax 20i [25i] Twin
Main spindle Max. bar working diametermm25
Main spindle max. turning lengthmm100
Main spindle chuck sizeSR-25R
Main spindle boremm27
Main spindle speedrpm8000
Guide bushEstandar
Sub spindle Max. bar working diametermm25
Sub spindle max. turning lengthmm30
Sub spindle chuck sizeSR-25R
Sub spindle boremm27
Sub spindle speedrpm8000
Spindle motorkw3.7
Sub spindle motorkw3.7
Least command unit c axisº0.001
C axis positioning accuracy º0.02
X1 Axis travelmm160
X2 Axis travelmm230
Y1 axis travelmm100
Z1 axis travelmm300
Z2 axis travelmm7 [12]
OD/ID Tools main spindle7/ 3 [12/ Ø22]
OD/ID Tools sub spindle3/ 4 (Ø22 mm/ Ø20 mm, ER-16M)
Number of motorized tools main spindle6 {ER-16M, Axial x3 + Radial x3}
Number of motorized tools subspindle3 {ER-11M, Axial x3}
Motorized tool speedrpm4000
Motor motorized motorkw1.0
Hydraulic motorhp1
Hydraulic tank capacityl15
Hydraulioc pressureKg/cm²50
Lubrication max. pressureKg/cm²15
Lubricant pumpW25
Lubrication tank capacityl2
Coolant tank capacityl110
Hydraulic pumpbar5-7
Length with/without chip conveyormm3100 [2500]

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