Lathe CNC Tongtai TD-2000YBC

Ref.: TD-2000YBC

Max. swing over saddle 310
Max. turning length 560 [570]/ 530 [535]
Spindle Speed 4.500
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Inheritance the outstanding machine rigidity from the TB series, the TD CNC Tongtai's lathe is the new multy tasking turning center with single power turret and linear Y axis to process milling function. It is capable to do more complex machining process, it helps to reduce labor costs and increase floor utility.

Different from the 90 degree slant bed on TB series, the TD adopts a 75 degree slant bed design. It not only keeps the advantages of excellent chip disposal and accessibility, but also lowers the machine's gravity center for enhancing the entire structure rigidity.

Technical specs

Turret typeVDI-40 [VDI-30]/ BMT-65 [BMT-55]
X/Z Axis strokemm230/ ±51/ 600/ 630
Spindle Bearing Diametermm100
Max. Swing Diametermm700
Max. swing over saddlemm310
Max. turning diametermm390 [410]/ 360 [370]
Max. turning lengthmm560 [570]/ 530 [535]
Spindle NoseA2-6
Spindle Speedrpm4.500
Chuck sizeInch8
Through-Spindle Hole diametermm62
Bar capacitymm51
Min CS axis indexing incrementº0.001
Spindle nose (Sub spindle)A2-5
Chuck size (Sub spindle)Inch6
Through-Spindle Hole diametermm35
Spindle bearing diameter (Sub spindle)mm90
Min (Sub spindle)º0.001
Tool ShankVDI-40 [VDI-30]/ BMT-65 [BMT-55]
Tool storage capacitypc12 [16]/ 12 [16]
O.D. Toolmm25x25 [20x20]/ 25x25 [20x20]
I.D. Toolmm40 [32]/ 40 [32]
Max. Tool Diametermm20 M16 [16 M14]/ 20 M16 [16 M14]
Max speedrpm6.000
Spindle Motorkw5.5/3.7
X/Z Axis rapid traversem/min30/ 15/ 30/ 30
Cutting feedratemm/REV0.001 - 5.000
motorkw18.5/ 15/ 11
X/Y/Z/B axis servo motorkw4.5/ 2.7/ 4.5/ 2.7
sub-spindle motorkw7.5/ 5.5
Coolant tank capacityl400
Coolant motorkw0.55
Hydraulic tank capacityl30
Hydraulic motorkW/L1.5
Floor space (LxWxH)mm3.040x2.180x2.337

Standard configuration

Chuck type
Sub Spindle
Chip convenyor
standard accesories

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