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Apec Machining Centers

Apec machining centers belonging to the Tongtai group, provides the best and most excellent products and services to their customers. They specialize in the design, manufacture and sale of high-speed 5-axis machine linked to the main economies of the world; Their products can be widely applied to most industries, from aerospace, automobiles, trains, solar, shipbuilding, semiconductors, electronic equipment. Apec offers the best and most complete products and services to help customers around the world to fulfill their requirements.

The APEC team of professionals provides the most efficient processing application program and solution in order to help the customer to meet the different product characteristics and with the highest demands of precision and finishing. For this, the APEC team also helps the customer to choose suitable cutting tools to coordinate with the speed of the spindle and the useful equipment, to find the best processing capacity and to suggest a suitable CAD / CAM software.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us about Anger machining centers. A team of machine tool specialists will attend you and in a shortest time you will be presented with the best turnkey solution for your workshop.

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